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Wavy Hair
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Celebrating Beautiful 

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Most Vibrant
Hair in Town

Whether it is the deep raspberry tones in Black Cherry or rich Auburn shades, reds are the color of the season this year. The biggest challenge, keeping those reds vibrant and healthy. BES Silkat is the answer for your at home maintenance.

Wavy Red Hair


Come First

That's why we will always make decisions with your best interest in mind. Can we get you to your dream color or texture, absolutely! We will do so skillfully and with decades of experience to guide us there. Will we take you slowly if your hair needs TLC,.... Yes.

Our products are selected from companies that believe in sustainability. Quality and the source of ingredients are at the forefront. We read labels! We don't go with the flow on all trends, as we will not compromise safety or health.


Our color line is extensive and gives us the ability to create freely. Our perms are reliable and leave hair in beautiful condition. Our Permanent Straightener and Hair Botox active ingredients have a long standing safety history. When it comes to Hair Extensions, It is the technique that causes challenges not the extension. We are certified and the application and advising on proper aftercare makes all the difference in client satisfaction and the health of your hair.

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