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12 Vials. Part of a 2 step Hair Loss Prevention Treatment Protocol.

BES Silkat C2 Bulboton Active Vials are  enriched with a blend of complex multivitamins and essential herbs that nourish the hair follicle. Amino acids are included in the formulation to support keratinization, a necessary foundational function for healthy hair production. Treatment with both the C1 Shampoo and Active Vial is necessary to receive optimal results.
Bulboton is meant to be used continually to maintain the health of the hair follicle and support healthy hair growth

BES Silkat C2 Bulboton Active Vials

  • Intensive Phase

    Use C1 shampoo and 1 Active Vial three times a week for 1 month. Do this for one month four times per year. Once per quarter. During the intensive phase only use Bulboton C1 Shampoo and Active Vial on the scalp. If you prefer a conditioner, select an appropriate conditioner and use it on your ends only.

    Maintenance Phase- Shampoo and 1 Active Vial per week. During the maintenance phase you may alternate with Day by Day line, Silkat Nutritivo, Professional Hair Fashion or the Colour Lock products.
    To apply the vial carefully break the glass tip off using a towel to protect yourself from the glass. Place the applicator nozzle on the vial, part the hair, and apply the contents directly to the scalp. Perform a therapeutic massage to promote circulation and absorption of the vial. Do not rinse. Style hair as usual

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