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Hair reconstruction cream that is high in concentrated Keratin. This treatment penetrates the cortex to deposit keratin protein. This treatment can be used alone but you will recieve maximum benefits with all 5 steps in the Intensive Repair Treatment. This treatment is used to repair damaged hair. pH 4

BES Silkat R2 Magic Potion

  • Step 1- Prepare hair by washing 1 or 2 times with R1 Primer Shampoo. Can be left on the hair for 5 minutes to
    ensure thorough removal of residue. Towel dry hair.

    Step 2- Section hair into 4 quadrants. Using a color bowl and brush apply R2 magic potion in ½ to 1-inch sections to the hair.
    Keep the hair sectioned. After the hair is saturated go back to each quadrant and in ½ To1-inch sections pass a flat iron pre-heated to 170f to 210f over each section 1 time. Allow R2 to process for 10 minutes. You can sit under a dryer, wrap hair in a warm towel, or leave hair uncovered in open air. Rinse hair beginning with warm water and slowly moving to cold to thermal shock the hair and close the cuticle. If hair is fine textured and you are concerned that the product will weight down the hair perform a light shampoo with BES Silkat N1 Nutritivo Shampoo. Towel dry hair. (If hair is extremely damaged mix ½ to 1 full vial of R6 Tonus Lotion into the color bowl with
    R2 Magic Potion)

    Step 3- Apply vial of R6 Tonus Lotion. Let process 5 minutes. Rinse

    Step 4- Apply R3 balancing sealer. Let process 5 minutes. If you use a large quantity or your hair is a finer or oily texture, lightly rinse.

    Step 5- Apply R4 Shimmer Shield and/or R5 Oil Therapy

    Step 6- Proceed with Styling


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