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Special Effects #4 Root Support Mousse comes in a 200ML can. It has a convenient spray nozzle to target your application only where you need it. This hydrating mousse enhances density at the roots to provide lift and fullness. With it's low hold it helps support the structure of the hairstyle. Excellent for voluminous looks or to prep hair for a ponytail or updo. It helps bring movement to your style. 

BES Special Effects #4 Root Support Mousse

  • Apply BES Special Effects #4 Root Support Mouse on freshly washed and towel dried hair to the areas where you are seeking volume. You can part your hair throughout multiple sections to apply to ensure even coverage. You can apply just to the crown, your part or the entire root area.  Blowdry or style hair as usual. Lifting the hair at the root while blowdrying will give you maximum lift.

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